The Clear Choice That Grant Cardone Presents

Grant Cardone is a renowned salesman, motivational speaker, and author who started out selling used cars and moved up into marketing. Master of the sales process, Grant has made millions of dollars as a coach, mentor, business man, and entrepreneur.

While Grant made his first fortunes in sales and eventually formed his own advertising and marketing companies, he really thrived with the adjustment to online business. Seen as a leader in how to use social media, and has made a name for himself with hundreds of YouTube videos available to the public that help mentor people on selling, sales, and getting in the right mindset to get what you want. As he says, it’s a clear choice between success and failure. We know a bathroom remodeling company that named his company after that (Clear Choice Bath).

Cardone is a New York Times best selling author and has used this role as mentor, expert salesperson, and author to launch a strong motivational speaking career.

His books include:
– Sell Or Be Sold
– The 10X Rule
– If You’re Not First You’re Last
– Sell To Survive
– Closer’s Survival Guide

Grant is considered a leader in many different fields and his coaching and advice are sought after by a wide variety of individuals and businesses to bring his special brand of energy and wisdom to their organizations and efforts. Check him out!