The Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar Is Still Worth Listening To

The motivational speaker Zig Ziglar is still worth listening to, even if he is no longer among the living. While he was alive, his work influenced millions of people, with some estimates saying that a quarter of a billion people. His work was spread across thirty-three books that he authored. The pre-eminent work of his is likely “See You at the Top,” with over several million copies sold. Even today Zig Ziglar podcasts on iTunes average over a third of a million downloads each month, putting them in the global top ten. That’s pretty impressive for a speaker and author who passed in 2012.

One of his children, Tom, has taken the mantle of the Ziglar business, which does more than just keep recycling Zig’s own work. There are now things like life maps and video training. The company says that it likes to help people move from ‘survival to significance.” Ziglar’s motivational content and dream was to help people increase their sales, improve business performance, and attain greater levels of success than they had before. His books continue to be sold in many stores and locations that business professionals and road warriors, and if you spend an hour on the Interstate, you’ll likely pass more than one car listening to his speeches or audio books.

Zig Ziglar as a motivational speaker was loved and cherished by pretty much anyone who got to see him on stage or in a workshop. His advice was so truthful that what he said sometimes dumbstruck people with how obvious it seemed. One famous quote of his has to do with motivation not lasting, so it should be like bathing: done daily! This particular quote, as well as a few others, are common memes that float around social media and Facebook.