The Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar Is Still Worth Listening To

The motivational speaker Zig Ziglar is still worth listening to, even if he is no longer among the living. While he was alive, his work influenced millions of people, with some estimates saying that a quarter of a billion people. His work was spread across thirty-three books that he authored. The pre-eminent work of his is likely “See You at the Top,” with over several million copies sold. Even today Zig Ziglar podcasts on iTunes average over a third of a million downloads each month, putting them in the global top ten. That’s pretty impressive for a speaker and author who passed in 2012.

One of his children, Tom, has taken the mantle of the Ziglar business, which does more than just keep recycling Zig’s own work. There are now things like life maps and video training. The company says that it likes to help people move from ‘survival to significance.” Ziglar’s motivational content and dream was to help people increase their sales, improve business performance, and attain greater levels of success than they had before. His books continue to be sold in many stores and locations that business professionals and road warriors, and if you spend an hour on the Interstate, you’ll likely pass more than one car listening to his speeches or audio books.

Zig Ziglar as a motivational speaker was loved and cherished by pretty much anyone who got to see him on stage or in a workshop. His advice was so truthful that what he said sometimes dumbstruck people with how obvious it seemed. One famous quote of his has to do with motivation not lasting, so it should be like bathing: done daily! This particular quote, as well as a few others, are common memes that float around social media and Facebook.

Motivation Personified – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the world’s most successful motivational speakers and a proponent of self-help strategies that are at the top of the field. He is one of the world’s most influential and effective leaders in this field, but he certainly did not start out that way.

Robbins was born in 1960 in a broken home situation that would be anything but a successful environment from which any achievement could possibly emerge. He was the oldest of three children and his mother had a series of husbands, and as a high school student, his mother chased him out of the house with a knife, and he never went back.

After having worked as a janitor, he worked early in his career promoting Jim Rohn seminars. Soon he began his own career as a “self help” coach and ended up teaching various motivational programs which were then incorporated into his seminars and books.

He began to promote firewalking, board breaking and other fantastic feats into his seminars to promote how people could break through their barriers and move beyond their fears.

Ultimately through his seminars and books, Robbins promoted his services as a “Peak Performance” coach. He utilized celebrities such as Fran Tarkenton and actor Martin Sheen as examples of individuals who overcame difficulties to become tops in their field.

By the time 1991 rolled around, it is estimated that at least 100 million Americans and over 200 medial media markets had viewed his infomercials on success and self-motivation.

Robbins has written three block buster, best selling books, all emphasizing the power that we all have to achieve.

Robbins has touched a very large section of the American landscape with his straightforward approach to achievement as his principles are very effective. People from all over the world have read his books, listened to his tapes, and put his philosophies into practice.

Learning About The Most Popular Motivational Speakers

Motivational speaking is something that can be done just about anywhere, on a local, national or worldwide stage. There are motivational speakers that visit classrooms and schools, give speeches to local crowds city wide and set the nation and world on fire towards unifying goals and principles. All kinds of different subjects are covered by motivational speakers, and they inspire so many people to do great things. Who are the most popular motivational speakers in the US and the world?

When you look at the lists for the best motivational speakers, you’re going to see many different opinions. There are so many different people with various backgrounds and stories to tell. You might first think of a few prominent politicians like John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. However, think about the rags to riches stories, such as Eric Thomas. Eric Thomas is also current.

Picking the best motivational speakers depends on three factors. Are you counting the people that are no longer with us? There may be people that are still with us, yet they aren’t active. Then, there are of course the people like Eric Thomas that have a YouTube channel or are current in whatever way they reach out to a worldwide audience. These days, there are so many ways for people to reach others.

One of my favorite motivational speakers of all time is a preacher. His name is Billy Graham. This guy was always so special to watch when I was growing up, and it’s not just me that thinks that. Millions of people watched Billy Graham and went to his crusades for Christ. He definitely has to be on the list of the best all time in my opinion.

What about Dr. Wayne Dyer? This is someone you might not have heard about. Or, maybe you have. As I said, there are so many people that have interesting stories and are known for giving motivational speeches. This guy actually went to school for counseling, began teaching and then went on to be considered one of the best motivational speakers of today’s world.

Our current president in the US, Barrack Obama, is said to be one of the best motivational speakers, too. There are of course tons of women who are considered to be some of the most popular motivational speakers as well. Have I mentioned any of your favorites yet? It can be really difficult to make selections when there are so many to choose from.

What about Brian Tracy? You might also be thinking about actors and actresses that have spoken out on various issues time and time again. Think about Morgan Freeman, who doesn’t give speeches, but whose voice is authoritative and motivational. He often does give his opinion on certain issues, and he was recently voicing an ad for Hillary Clinton for President. Let’s not forget about the motivational speakers who are known simply for being just that and might not be recognized by everyone. Every motivational speaker is valued because they inspire others to do great things.